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Use the most accurate meter to support correct therapy decisions

CONTOUR®NEXT is a highly accurate BGM system with an error margin of only ±5.3%.§,†,3

No other meter has demonstrated to match this.

Accurate readings are important for therapy decisions, especially when calculating correct insulin doses.5

A simple, easy to use system

Easy to start using: No initial set up
Easy to use: Large rubber buttons, large strip
Easy to read: Big numbers on display
✔ Testing in only 3 simple steps**
✔ Results saved automatically in the optional FREE CONTOUR®DIABETES app, no need for a paper diary

Why prick your finger again?

Second-Chance® sampling allows 60 seconds to apply more blood to the same strip if the first sample is not enough, avoiding re-lancing1 to get a reading.

✔ Tired of wasting strips? CONTOUR®NEXT can save up to 100 strips per year.‡,2
✔ Blood application error codes? Second-Chance® sampling feature helped to reduce the number of errors with no need to relance.1,3

93% of people with diabetes surveyed prefer a blood glucose meter with the ability to re-apply blood to the same test strips.4

Trust the colours

The unique smartLIGHTTM feature used by CONTOUR®NEXT informs you when your blood glucose is in or out of range.​

Consistent use of recommended colours6,7 supports correct interpretation of your readings.8

Seamlessly share data with your healthcare professional and loved ones

Our Connected CONTOUR® Solution creates a digital ecosystem where you can decide to give easy access to your blood glucose data to your healthcare professional and carers.


Need help getting started?

Don’t worry, you are not alone.

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98% of people surveyed found it easy to use the CONTOUR®NEXT.9

80 years of expertise in diabetes

Ascensia Diabetes Care, former Bayer Diabetes Care division, is the home to the world renowned CONTOUR® portfolio of blood glucose monitoring systems.

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Elevate your diabetes care with CONTOUR®NEXT

§ Minimum accuracy requirements of ISO15197: 2013 Section 6.3 standard require ≥95% of the measured values to fall within 0.8mmol/L at glucose concentrations < 5.6mmol/L or within ±15% ≥ 5.6mmol/L of the referenced method.
>95% of the results were within the error range ±0.3mmol/L or ±5.3% of the laboratory reference (HK) values for glucose concentrations < 5.6 mmol/L ± 0.8mmol/L or ≥ 5.6mmol/L respectively.
**Always consult the user guide for complete instructions.
Average strip wastage estimated by healthcare professionals and indicated as a potential benefit of the Second-Chance® sampling feature. Data and quotes collected through online survey of 400 HCPs and patients with diabetes in US, CAN, DE and UK.
# If not already registered, your healthcare professional will need to sign up to and invite you to share your data.
* Data on file Ascensia Diabetes Care Customer Service Satisfaction Memo.

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